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Our home page will provide with links and buttons to nagivate the entire website. You will always find other valueable information and updates.

Business is Delcious:

We have been in business since 1998. We are family owned and we are here because of you. We do our best to make sure that you are happy.


demoWe are always taking applications. If you are interested in full time or part time job contact our human resources department.

Large Orders:

To ensure that we are able to meet your needs and deliever on time. All large for orders need 24 hours to fulfill.



We will beat any price in the valley. Please call us.


Current News:

We also sale duck, turkery, chicken and much more


Halloween is almost here. Please come join us at the Hollween Party.


Welcome to J.P. Meats,


Thank you for visting J.P. Meats we are located in the heart of Phoenix ,

Arizona and we are very easy to find. Unlike other meat companies we

care about what you eat and the prices you pay. J. P Meats have a huge

selection of products that include Mutton, Beef, Goat, Chicken, Swine

and much more. Click on our Meat Products button to see what you

would like to have for dinner tonight. If you would like to contacts

please click on the contact button on the very top of the page or on

the left side located in the Main menu. Also check out what is new,

current news and other events.


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