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 Ch. Sureno, Cock Diesel Kennesl, AtomicDogg Magazine Cock Diesel Kennels, Cock Diesel Bloodline, Arizona Bully Breeder, 1 kennel in the in the world for pockets, xl, extreme, exotic bullys,  blue pitbulls, American Bully,ABKC, United States Bully Breeder Champion Sureno is on the front Cover or AtomicDogg Magazine.This is a great accomlishment for Cock Diesel Kennels to be the first Arizona Bully Breeder in history to be on the front cover. If you are interested in breeding to Champion Sureno please call 602-618-1968.

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Males are available to the
public for stud.

Everyone will not be able to
own a Cock Diesel Bullie.
Just like everyone will not
own a lambo, a playboy house, or those nice rims
you just got and that sweet sound system and alarm you
just had installed.
"Quality is not cheap.
Cheap is what most people
have, but they do not want" (Cock Diesel, 2009).

Cock Diesel Kennels
produces huge heads,
chests, and are all thick
boned bullies.
These bloodlines are the
most respected in the world. When people become
serious they get a
Cock Diesel Bully.

Nothing but the best and the
best is worth every penny. Our dogs are not expensive they are priceless.


If you are interested in
breeding your bully or
beast to a Cock
Diesel Bully
or Beast,
please CALL today.

We accept visa and
master cards.

If you are interested in a
Cock Diesel Bully and you
just don't have the money,
payment arranagements are available.
If you have something you
would like to trade,
my ears and eyes are
always open.
This means get out those antiques, fishing boats,
jet skies, cars, jewelry,
trucks, pistols, quads,
tools etc.

Please call



"Shout Outs"



"It does not matter how many ABKC, and UKC shows you attend or win. What matters is how you feel about your Pitbull/Bullies because anybody can give you a ribbon".
(Cock Diesel Kennels, 2009)

Cock Diesel Sureno is the half brother to Golden Boy, Sired by Boltons Kingdom, Extreme ABKC Champion, Homed by Cock Diesel Kennels, featured on the Front Cover of Bully Ink Magazine Issue #4, is a mascott for Bully Ink Magazine, featured in the AtomicDogg Magaizine Issue #19, and featured on the front Cover of AtomicDogg Magazine Issue #22 and more to come.


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Thank you for visiting the #1 American Bully Breeder in the World. We are proud to live in Arizona and be the most well known Arizona Bully Breeder in the state of Arizona. Our American Bullies consist of Cock Diesels Phantom, Cock Diesel Centurion, and Cock Diesel Sureno. Cock Diesel Bloodline consist of razors edge bloodline, miagi blood, gottiline. Cock Diesel Kennels is here to stay we are one of he finest kennels in the World. Most breeders do not have and professional kennel set up and will not have one because they are not willing to sacrifice, save money, and put money back into there dream of being a well known breeder. When considering buying a puppy from someone always keep these things in mind. How can hey be professional breeder if they have nothing to show for it. These people are called okoydokies or simple backyard breeders.

Contractual Agreements are used to proctect the buyer and the seller. Verbally abusive, provocative, and derogatory language is not tolerated.


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